Clari Noel Photography | Stauros + JD |Engagement|

Stauros + JD |Engagement|

December 23, 2016  •  2 Comments

This was probably the coldest engagement shoot I've done. But it was still so much fun!

The blanket of snow made for the perfect backdrop - my happy place. ^_^

After it got too cold, we mixed things up with some cozy indoor photos.

Stauros and JD rocked the entire session! <3


JD had proposed earlier that morning! We re-enacted the proposal. :)

The way two people in love look at each other will forever be my favorite. <3

That's when I noticed the twin's peeking through the window in all my shots... ^_^


We drove to the local coffee shop for some more photos. Such a cozy little place made for some more cozy and romantic photos! :D


Wow you both look absolutely stunning. I am so happy for you both, that glow in your face says he is the one.congrays to both of you Stauros. Love you girl
Melanie Johnson(non-registered)
Great photos!
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