Hi, Clari Noel here!
I am a photographer based out the Portland, OR area - but I love to travel!
I specialize in wedding and themed portrait photography and am always excited about working with new clients!
Swing over to my contact page to get more info on what my services are.
A little about me:
My love for photography started when my mom offered me $1 a photo for pictures of her flowers for the living room wall. I instantly found myself in love with the different techniques I could use to make those flowers look just perfect.
Since then I have continued to learn more about the beauty of being able to click a button and freeze a moment in time.
I find myself falling more and more in love with being able to capture the uniqueness, beauty and emotion of people I come in contact with. 
To be able to capture more than just a face. Capturing a personality, an emotion, a life with a single image, is somehing I will never tire of doing. 
My vision is to create a unique work of art that reflects not only the details of the moment but the character and emotion of my clients.
I'd love to work with you!